Oxygen.id Presents as a Cheap Internet Solution in Kupang City

Kupang, October 25, 2022– Oxygen.id made a visit to the Kupang Post Office in the context of communication network cooperation.

The visit was attended by Eriko Masri as Head of Marketing Communications & Digital Department , Anggoro Andrian Assistant Manager Creative Digital, Theo Udju Wadu, Willem Naldy Radja and Yohanes Buang Charly as Regional Sales Regional Oxygen.id and attended by Chief Editor Hasyim Ashari and Margaretha lin Wahyuningrum as General Manager.

Pos Kupang is one of the major media in NTT which plays an important role in introducing the internet network to the people of Kupang, NTT.

Oxygen.id supports Pos Kupang and cooperates because previously the Pos Kupang network was less stable so it needed a good network to assist in communication and operations of Pos Kupang.

News and Photo Sources: Pos Kupang