Audit Committee

Based on the Decree of the Board of Commissioners No. 026 / MTI / PD-Dir / IV / 2018 concerning Amendment or Decision of Amendment to the Board of Commissioners of PT Mora Telematika Indonesia No. 139 / MTI / PD-Dir / X / 2017 dated on April 20, 2018, the Composition of Audit Committee are as follow:

Kanaka Puradiredja
Chairman of Audit Committee

Nenden Purwitasari
Member of Audit Committee

Drs Mulyadi
Member of Audit Committee

Audit Committee Charter

In carrying out its duties and responsibilities, the Audit Committee has been equipped with the work guidelines set forth in the Audit Committee Charter No. 001/MTI/PKA/I/ 2019 on January 22, 2019 where the Charter is a Charter that has been refined and updated from the previous Audit Committee Charter No. 148 / MTI / PD-DIR / X / 2017 dated on October 19, 2017.

See Audit Committee Charter