In accordance with Law Number 40 of 2007 concerning Limited Liability Companies ("Company Law") and the Articles of Association of PT Mora Telematika Indonesia, the entire net profit of the Company after deducting the allowance for reserves referred to in Article 70 paragraph (1) of the Company Law may be distributed to shareholders as dividends unless otherwise specified in the General Meeting of Shareholders.

The Company can distribute interim dividends before the end of the Company's financial year based on the decision of the board of directors after obtaining approval from the Board of Commissioners provided that the temporary dividend will be calculated with dividends to be distributed based on the decision of the next Annual General Meeting of Shareholders taken in accordance with the provisions in the Articles of Association.

The amount of dividends and the ability of the Company to pay dividends in the future will depend on cash flow, retained earnings, financial conditions, working capital requirements and future investment plans, and restrictions set by applicable laws and other requirements.