Articles of Association

The Establishment of Company:
Deed No. 30 dated 08 August 2000 concerning the Establishment of the Company
Adjustment of Company’s Article of Association with Law Of The Republic Of Indonesia Number 40 Of 2007 concerning Limited Liability Companies:
Deed No. 05 February 11, 2008 concerning Adjustment to the Articles of Association with Law No. 40 of 2007 concerning Limited Liability Companies
The Change of Company’s Domicile:
Deed No. 63 dated 24 August 2010 concerning Change of Company's Place of Place
The Composition of The Company’s Stockholders:
Deed No. 88 dated 18 August 2017 concerning Changes in the Composition of Shareholders
The Composition of The Company’s Board of Directors:
Deed No. 215 dated 29 August 2018 concerning Change in the Directors of the Company
The Composition of The Company’s Board of Commissioners:
Deed No.37 No. 18 October 2017 concerning Change in Company Commissioners