Moratelindo's collaboration with PT Premier Oil Indonesia
Jakarta | 07 December 2018

PT Mora Telematics Indonesia (Moratelindo) as the largest and foremost telecommunications company in Indonesia, has a reliable infrastructure network and is connected from west to east Indonesia, as well as internationally. More than 15 years of experience in the telecommunications world with a variety of customer segments, be it the government segment, large industries, local and international corporations.

In the Oil & Gas segment, Moratelindo is the best choice for PT Premier Oil Indonesia to work together to ensure the application of telecommunications services and infrastructure that is effective, reliable and has flexibility to support the company's operational systems, both in normal and emergency situations, as well as to meet future developments that are in line with company needs. This collaboration that has existed for more than 4 years, Moratelindo remains committed to maintaining and improving its best services. Here is the coverage: