Telco - MoratelindoTelco is one of our biggest market segment delivered. Moratelindo′s network platform was built, operates and expanding in line with Telecom operators demands. We are continuously serve the very best to ensure your business continuity.

Moratelindo is a perfect partner to manage your business needs. Supported by our own fiber optic all across Java-Bali and Sumatra, as well with our submarine cable-system namely MIC-1, BDM, and B3JS, we offers leased line services for domestic and international connectivity. Equipped by with low latency IP transit and accustomed by Tier II Specification, it is our goals to always anticipating your business needs to carry out within the rapid growth of ongoing innovation in Telecom industry. High-value solution offered by Moratelindo may facilitate Telecom operators to keep up with the latest technological development, to improve the quality of service especially in terms of Service Level Agreement (SLA) and to provide high security level.